I Can’t Bear to Watch

Every Good Friday, I watch The Passion. I reserve watching this movie for once a year. This is an amazing movie, but I do not watch it more to ensure that it always has the impact that it first did. This movie is violent, emotional, and grueling. So was the Crucifixion. I can’t bear to […]


True Myth

Lo! our earth is in her spring, bearing thus her witness that, with her Lord, she has all her gifts restored. For now the woods with their leaves and the meadows with their flowers, pay homage to Jesus’ triumph over the gloomy tomb. –Salve Festa Dies, Venantius Fortunatus (English translation) Thanks to an overlong winter, […]


The Joy of the Resurrection

“If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” (1 Cor. 15:14) Easter Sunday, the day of remembrance of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is a time of celebration for Christians. Easter is a time of immense joy. Why? As Paul alluded to above, Christ’s resurrection […]


A New Season

The last few weeks have been difficult. There have been many changes within my family and a lot of stress from school. My brother recently moved to another state and my mom has had a hard time adjusting to her first child moving away. My cousin also had her baby prematurely, but she is in […]


In Defense of Easter

I once had a boss at work who was also a Protestant minister.  Since he was a kind and gracious man, and a leader I truly respected, I was only too pleased to wish him a happy Easter.  To my surprise, he responded by saying he wanted to know just what was so special about it! Obviously, this […]