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Trust in the Lord

I’m the kind of person that wants to have all the answers, before I even know the question. I have to prepare myself and think things through, which is why in school I hardly ever raise my hand, because I have to make sure that I know the answer. Last night in prayer, as I […]

with Chris Green

Finding My Vocation on the March for Life

Photo, above: Outside the Supreme Court building with fellow seminarian Chris Green (right).   WASHINGTON, DC – Just for fun, I am writing an article at the March for Life!  I am currently at Verizon Center, watching the youth rally which precedes the “#Mass4Life” and the March itself.  It’s a great time, as always!  Thousands […]


SEEK 2015: Facing the Future

Mary Cortese, a Marine Biology major at the University of South Carolina, struggles with the same questions that most college freshmen do.  She wonders what her future holds, and ultimately, whether she likes what’s there. Along with 10,000 other students from across the country, Mary faced these questions head on and attended SEEK 2015. This five-day, national Catholic youth […]


Discernment: Not Just About Me and Jesus

I have a lot of friends who are “discerning” – that is, actively trying to discover God’s will for their life in terms of a vocation, especially to priesthood or religious life. And when I say “discerning” in March, I usually mean, “freaking out”.  The end of the school year is only a couple of […]