Mary, The Ark of the New Covenant

Dear God, Thank you for your light of wisdom during Advent as we approach Christmas. The book of Wisdom is wonderful and full of hope to read at this time of the year, as we ponder Mary’s “yes” to God, and her part in Salvation History. All of us today are part of that continuing history. […]

The Christmas Revolution

Christmas, the festivity which many celebrate more out of custom than out of belief, is the only revolution in the history of mankind that truly deserves that name. Unlike all other revolutions, which basically consist in leaving everything exactly as it was before, only changing appearances, Christmas truly changed the human condition though it left […]

An Old Christmas Memory

It has become incredibly difficult to prepare adequately for Christmas.  All sorts of distractions overwhelm us at every moment.  If we are students, we have finals and semester projects to turn in; we all have presents to buy, Christmas cards to mail, decorations to put up.  All these things keep our minds busy and far […]

Keeping the “Advent” in “Christmas”

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It’s been about two weeks since my last confession.” “And what is your sin, my child?” “I…umm…well…I…I started celebrating Christmas before Advent.” Ok ok, so this scenario didn’t really happen, but the sentiment behind it is real. Every year I countdown to the first Sunday of Advent and […]