Natividad Murillo

On Myths, Philosophy and Christmas

About this time a year or two ago, a group of militant atheists paid to setup a billboard with a Nativity scene and the phrase: “You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason.” There is something I find amusing about these kinds of billboards, which, by the way, are becoming ever more frequent. As […]

The Three Wise Men

Let’s Be Honest. Who Would Follow a Star?

To dip my feet into the Christmas vibe I’ve decided to expand on a part of our Lord’s birth that has always fascinated me, one that never gets as much attention as I think it deserves: the Three Wise Men. Much of what we know about the three wise men is legend; while they are mentioned […]

snowy house

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Christmas means going home and going home means spending time with those who know you best. Those who know you best also have the talent of frustrating you the most. It’s a lot easier to be holy at college than when you go home. At least, that’s the way it is for me. When I […]


Advent Marks the Beginning and the End

We are now officially in the season of Advent and I couldn’t be happier. I do get wrapped up in the Christmas décor, music, and food, but what I love about the season is the mood. There is something about having a lit Christmas tree and dim lights, perhaps a real fire, and family all […]

An epiphany on the Epiphany

In our everyday lives, we use the word ‘epiphany’ to mean a sudden realization about something.  If I am stuck trying to solve a certain problem and the answer suddenly appears in my mind as if by divine inspiration, I would say: “I just had an epiphany.”  However, that is not the only meaning of […]

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