Lenten Fast Masterpost: 70 Ideas To Give/Take Up

The penitential season of Lent is fast upon us, which means that the main question on everyone’s mind is what to give up for the next 40 days. This is a difficult decision for most Catholics because we are often tempted to give up things like chocolate or fast food. While those are good things […]


Let God Be The Judge

One of the greatest moments of clarity I ever experienced while investigating the Catholic Church was when I came to understand a simple truth: Life is sacred; plain and simple. While I know it may be elementary to many,  this simple truth helped me unlock the answers to all my confusion on the Church’s teachings. […]

Che Papa

Walking with Pope Francis

When Pope Francis was first presented to the world I was deeply moved and overjoyed, but he was a man shrouded in mystery. When Pope Benedict XVI was elected I had been familiar with the man Joseph Ratzinger for some years, already grateful to him for the spiritual and intellectual formation he had provided. Since […]


What Do Kenyan Orphans Have to Do With Labor Day?

Labor Day:  what a lame excuse for a holiday, right?  “Let’s take a day off work in honor of work!”  If work is so great, why did we need another way to get out of it? I’ll tell you!  Work is important – not just as a “necessary evil”, but as a part of what […]