The Heart of Unity

Why are there so many different “denominations” of Christianity? Why can I go down a street in Tennessee, effectively the “buckle of the Bible belt,” and simultaneously lay eyes on ten churches of different creed, belief, and doctrine? The answer is disunity. This is not a word that one hears too often. But the heart […]

Why I Enjoy Being Catholic

Not too long ago, someone asked me why I enjoy being a Catholic Christian. This was my response. I love being part of a Church that was founded by Jesus Christ Himself. You just can’t beat apostolic succession! And I love that the Catholic Church is an unwavering force for Truth, justice, and the dignity […]

Being a Christian…

What does it mean to be a Christian/Catholic, a follower of Christ? It’s a very daunting task to summarize it all in one blog post, for sure. Nevertheless, here is my humble attempt. Sometimes when it comes to theology I think it’s helpful when trying to understand something if I know what it’s NOT. So […]

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