call to holiness


Precious Little.

If you are a woman, chances are you’ve probably, at one point or another, heard about the “Proverbs 31” woman. If you haven’t, read it here before you read on (specifically verses 10-31). In some translations of the Bible this passage is referred to as “Poem on the Woman of Worth” and in others it […]


The Virtues of Sainthood

I was eating dinner with friends around midnight recently (which may have made the meal technically breakfast or maybe fourth-meal?), and through the course of conversation a good friend of mine spoke highly of another friend at the table proclaiming that she would become a saint. This kind of talk is not something uncommon amongst […]

Me? A saint?

God has a very effective way of keeping me humble.  It is quite painful but perhaps in that lays its effectiveness. I am complaining about it, I am actually very thankful for it.  I believe it is a blessing because you cannot be a saint if you are not humble.  This humbling process goes something […]

To be a Saint in Our Age: A Discourse

When I was a kid growing up in Catholic schools if you were to ask me to tell you what it takes to be a saint I would’ve probably told you that you must be a priest or a nun who is a really good person, like Mother Teresa. If you ask your average Catholic […]