call to holiness


The Wedding Feast

Let me start off by saying that I love dresses. I spent a long time in my childhood as a tom-boy. I hated skirts and dresses and butterflies and flowers and pink and anything remotely girly. I think that I am now overcompensating for time lost in my youth, even if I still don’t love […]


What Are People For?: Les Miserables Musings

Last Sunday when viewing Thomas Hooper’s recent film Les Miserables, I was struck by its rich meditation on the human person. At first I assumed the French Victor Hugo must have been a practicing Catholic, though after a bit of research it seems like the Catholic influence came from his wife and her family. Hugo’s own […]


Before His Eyes

And Jesus, looking upon him, loved him. – Mark 10:21. In my book of virtues, which was my companion during my childhood and is now a counselor for my adulthood, there is a story to which I always go back, as if my fingers remember the texture of the page and flip it open willingly. […]


Louder Than Words

The truth is that we are imperfect beings, and that in relationships we are going to fall short, but that shouldn’t stop us from striving to be saints in the present. That being said, it matters who we date, and it is important to be on the lookout for Mr. Godly Man or Ms. Godly […]

Jesus falls

Passion and Sacrifice

If you ask just about any woman on the face of the planet if she wants passion in her romantic relationships I am willing to bet that nearly all of them would say, “YES!” Who doesn’t want passion in her relationship? A passionless relationship just sounds boring. We all want that fire in a relationship, […]