Blessed Mother


Why Our Blessed Mother Matters

Why does the Blessed Virgin matter to us as Christians? Why all the emphasis on her, why any emphasis at all, does it not detract from Jesus? The short answer is no, but I’m willing to bet you opened this article hoping for a little more than that. So why do we Catholics have this […]

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What the Heaven is Marian Consecration?

So a few months back, I had a re-introduction to Mama Mary, just as things were taking a turn for the desperate. Since then, God has not-so-subtly brought me closer to his first disciple. Given to us through our Catholic student center a year before, Michael E. Gaitley’s “33 Days to Morning Glory,” a booklet-led retreat to Marian […]


A Mother’s Touch

Recently, I had a night that cast a shadow on my soul. It felt like the ground I had been standing on was crumbling from underneath me, sending me, slipping, into a dark pit. As much as I love my friends and family, and as many wonderful, uplifting people I have been blessed to know, […]