You Are Beautiful

Our American society today is obsessed with physical beauty.  It pressures people to be thinner, fitter, younger, sexier. The plethora of products, treatments, surgeries, pills, crash diets, makeup, and programs designed to change our appearance to fit the impossible standards of “perfection” is vast and ubiquitous.  Everywhere you look, be it TV, magazines, the internet, […]


On the Mass

One of the few nice things about our current era is how, despite its explicit rejection of family, religious, and political traditions, the realities these traditions so jealously guarded continue to be objects of desire for everyone. All still want to fall in love, experience the transcendent, and live a fulfilled life. Loyalty, duty, courage, […]

Pre-Release Cover

OPEN DOORS: An Interview with Connor Flanagan

When God opens a door, walk through it. Connor Flanagan received these words of wisdom from a friend, as he began pursuing his dream to become a musician. Walk through every door the Lord puts before you. Wait for Him to open doors, and when He does, walk through them confidently, excited for what’s next. […]

Poem: “A hand gently presses”

A hand gently presses On a brilliant ball of light Inside, is a butterfly It flutters eagerly in a moment of ecstasy Its wings sparkle and glow Within the light is love Stunning, beautiful Powerful, incredible What else can express that moment when A soul meets its creator Tags » beauty, CathLIT, creation, Creator, light, […]