Let Us Enter Into These Most Sacred Mysteries!

I have been reading a beautiful book on the Liturgy recently: For the Life of the World, by Alexander Schmemann.  This Eastern Orthodox priest and theologian cuts to the heart of the sacred drama unfolding in each liturgy. In the sacred liturgy we become participants in the Heavenly Kingdom; Sons in the Son; Partakers in […]

pope change

Pope Francis the Maverick Pope?

I was driving to work the other day and I was listening to NPR. I heard a story that caught my attention from the very first moment. The reporter said, “Pope Francis has been in office for just over two months and has been making headlines for many remarks that emphasize inclusiveness, contrasting sharply with […]


“Are Y’all Born Again?”

The other day, someone online asked me the following question about Catholics: “Are y’all born again?” At first, I considered giving my typical sassy response: “No, we were born right the first time.” After a moment of reflection, however, I thought, “You know, we really are ‘born again!’ ” and I’m here to tell you […]

The Sacraments: Where are they in the Bible?

“Why do I need to confess my sins to a priest?” Because Jesus said so!! Maybe you’ve heard these questions (or similar ones) before: “Why do you have Confirmation?” “Why do you believe communion is actually Jesus’ body?” “Why do I need to confess my sins to a priest? It doesn’t say that in the Bible!” […]