Natividad Murillo

On Myths, Philosophy and Christmas

About this time a year or two ago, a group of militant atheists paid to setup a billboard with a Nativity scene and the phrase: “You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason.” There is something I find amusing about these kinds of billboards, which, by the way, are becoming ever more frequent. As […]

leah libresco

Atheism, Catholicism, and Arguing with Charity

The Catholic blogosphere has been blowing up  recently in response to well-known athiest blogger, Leah Libresco’s decision to convert to Catholicism, which she announced on her blog a few weeks ago.  Although an intellectual atheist converting to Catholicism is very natural and shouldn’t surprise us much at all, one thing that did catch me off guard (more […]

An epiphany on the Epiphany

In our everyday lives, we use the word ‘epiphany’ to mean a sudden realization about something.  If I am stuck trying to solve a certain problem and the answer suddenly appears in my mind as if by divine inspiration, I would say: “I just had an epiphany.”  However, that is not the only meaning of […]

God and the Problem of Suffering (part 1)

One of the few things of which we can be certain is that sooner or later in life we will have to suffer.  Mankind has always questioned what the meaning or purpose of suffering is and has, at times, wondered if it even has a purpose.  Many people have tried to use the reality of […]

God and Love: a mini-conversion story

“I don’t believe in love.” I believe that “love” between friends and family exists. Companionship. “Loving” someone because you see God in them. Because you like who they are and how they make you laugh. I believe that lust exists. We’re biologically programmed to make copies of ourselves. Gotta be lusty to continue the species. […]

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