An Old Christmas Memory

It has become incredibly difficult to prepare adequately for Christmas.  All sorts of distractions overwhelm us at every moment.  If we are students, we have finals and semester projects to turn in; we all have presents to buy, Christmas cards to mail, decorations to put up.  All these things keep our minds busy and far […]

Keeping the “Advent” in “Christmas”

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It’s been about two weeks since my last confession.” “And what is your sin, my child?” “I…umm…well…I…I started celebrating Christmas before Advent.” Ok ok, so this scenario didn’t really happen, but the sentiment behind it is real. Every year I countdown to the first Sunday of Advent and […]

Oh, the Waiting.

What are you waiting for?   I’ll ask it again, but this time, really think about it…what are you waiting for?   This is the exact same question the priest asked this weekend as I sat at Mass.  The first time he asked it I started coming up with the (never-ending) list of things I’m […]

I Just Can’t Wait (to Let Jesus Be King)

The feast of Christ the King last week led me to ask myself a question- is Jesus Christ the King of my life?  And, when I’m answering myself honestly, the truth is that there are too many times where I don’t let Jesus lead me.  Jesus wants to guide me, but He will not force […]

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