Ricki Lake to produce Documentary exposing the Dangers of Contraception

One of my favorite quotes from the Greek philosopher Aristotle goes something like this.  We seek to know not what men have said but what is true, what really is.  In other words, his goal as a seeker of wisdom was to uncover the truth of reality, the state of affairs as they are, the facts, what indeed is the case.  Aristotle was making the important distinction, often made again and again by St Thomas Aquinas, that the source of information does not matter if it is speaking and leading to truth.  For Aristotle this meant sifting through the pre-Socratics, Plato, the sophists, the cynics, the atomists and other thinkers of his time in his mission to seek true wisdom and undergo a conversion from holding false beliefs to truth.  Aquinas likewise would borrow (sometimes scandalizing his contemporaries; he was condemned by a French Bishop in 1277) from pagan, Islamic, Jewish and other thinkers if it helped him to better understand reality, the way the world really is.  After all, the entire world was made by our Lord and so attentive study of it in any capacity can only lead us closer to Him by better understanding His works.

Aristotle quotes Greeks, Aquinas the Muslims, and today I point you to <drum roll> Ricki Lake.  Female complement to Jerry Springer in daytime TV in all its… well, glory?  Earlier this year she announced plans to produce an investigatory documentary on hormonal birth control.  What Upton Sinclair did in the Jungle to expose dark corners of the meat packing industry, and what Eric Schlosser did in Fast Food Nation to shine light into the fast food industry, so now Rikki Lake is seeking to do for the Billion dollar business of hormonal contraceptives.  Based on the book by Holly Grigg-Spall, Sweetening the Pill: Or how we got hooked on hormonal birth control, the documentary promises to be controversial since big drug companies have much to lose if the serious health risks that have been empirically verified are brought center stage to the nation’s news-media cycle.  The book’s website says the documentary should be out early 2015.  Keep an eye out, and in the meantime, give the book a read or ask you public library to order it and then read it for free.

You know what they say about the truth: it will set you free.

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