Just have faith.

“Just have faith.” These are words we hear often, both with and without the religious connotation. When you really think about it, this isn’t actually a problem for any of us. We make use of faith all the time whether we know it or not. At the current moment, I have faith that the letters […]

Magis – The More

For those of you who have had a theological discussion with me over the last several months, you are probably familiar with the idea of “magis” I have been reflecting on. For those of you who have not, allow me to explain. “Magis” is the Latin word for “more:” and an Ignatian idea which encourages […]

Finding My Voice in the World

I am not a great prayer. The most daunting challenge is beginning. Once I commit, it’s the listening that’s difficult. I also have trouble with the “what, how, and how long to say something” parts of prayer … Even if I do start, most times I get stuck in first gear, but I ‘m learning […]

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