On Forgetting What You Can’t Remember

I went for a stroll last night around the neighborhood and something profound occurred to me. I didn’t arrive at the thought from any route taken in my own mind, but yet there it was. It was a new paradox, and I had never before heard or read anything to its relation. It was an […]

A Traveler’s Song

And so, I wander into the Abyss. Light fleeting at my back, My mortality born full upon my mind. I walk forward, that which is unknown at my face and safety far behind, but I walk unafraid. I walk alone yet joined, by a congress of mystical lights. I am guided by the soul, immortal […]

Introducing The Papist!

WELCOME TO THE PAPIST! It is an indelible truth that our generation plays a crucial role in the future of the Church. It is equally true that our generation is slowly slipping into secular complacency and leaving the Church in favor of new age spirituality, non-Catholic churches whose focus lie more on convenience than Christ, […]

World Youth Day Reflections

“Benedicto!  Benedicto!”  Our Holy Father’s name rang through the streets of Madrid as millions of young people eagerly awaited his arrival.  As the Pope entered the city through the Puerta de Alcalá, I was one among those millions.  I stood shoulder to shoulder with my peers – peers that hailed from all over the world.  […]

Jeremy Winter: Seminarian

I want to start out by introducing you not to who I am now, but to who I was nearly two years ago.  When I graduated from high school and started my freshman year at Auburn, I had everything I had ever wanted.  I had a brand new dorm, a ridiculously generous scholarship, the most […]

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