One Big Family.

One of my best friends was at World Youth Day in Rio last year and she had the time of her life. Pope Francis´message was beautiful and encouraging, hearing Mass surrounded by people from all parts of the world was a life changing experience and according to a pic in Facebook she was “three meters away from Pope Francis!” During that time I had to settle for watching EWTN like never before.

I remember someone saying in an interview, “though we have people from every corner of the world it feels as if we’ve known each other forever,” speaking of the incredible sense of unity all around Rio. Unity in the love for Christ and Mary.

I would high-five whoever said this if I could. This is one of the most fundamental, great things about Christianity. No matter where we are from or who we are in Christ we are all brothers and sisters, gathering under the same cross and looking up at the same Father. No matter if we were baptized when we were only a few months old or if we found Christ after years of wandering and yearning for His love, that spark of joy and love that only Jesus can light is within us all. What is the communion of the saints but a little brother or sister asking a big brother or sister for advice, help and support? Don’t we have a common home that we hope to reach someday, Heaven?

We are a family. We look out for our prodigal brothers and sisters that wander around not knowing what they are looking for, and take care of and help those who make it home again.

We are a family. All of us take Mary’s hand and hold on tight, and then, when we are  grown and ready to walk right next to Jesus, we teach our little siblings how to hold on tight to their Mother too.

We are family; a big, loving family that is centered around the Eucharist, loves Mother Mary and has the most loving brother/husband/friend in Jesus, not to mention a Father Who created the skies and the sea for us.

Tell me that knowing this doesn’t bring a big smile to your face. Because with a family such as ours  you have every reason to smile.

You—yes you—are blessed with the greatest family you can possibly hope for.

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