Moment to Moment

I’m not a guy who plans much out; I’ve been told I live my life by the seat of my pants, and honestly it’s very true.  I plan big things, sure: I know that I want to have a family someday and that ideally I’d like to act for a living, but what I’m doing tomorrow is still up in the air. (So you can trust me when I say I didn’t mean to not write for so long. Sorry!)

The reason I mention this is because I’ve come to realize that if we want to be people who have any chance of fending off temptation and other such nastiness, we can’t live our lives complacently, the way we might want, because the moment we relax, that’s when temptation will take hold.  We have to be an ever-vigilant people, we have to work for our faith, and we have to know how we’re going to work on it, or the devil will find us and exploit our complacency.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who doesn’t plan things out very well, but conversely I’m also sure that Satan does plan things out very well.  I’m sure he bides his time waiting for the moment when he can strike at us, and I’m sure that when we get lazy, when little voices whisper in our ears, “Pray later,” “Read the Bible later,” or “Write a post for The Papist later, Christopher” (That one seems oddly specific) that it’s just the little steps Satan is taking to drive us from God, one act of complacency at a time.

My challenge for you is not to live moment to moment for one week, decide something you’re going to do for your faith every day for seven days, schedule it, put it in your phone, then do it.  Find out what you need, and go for it because if you’re not actively practicing building your faith, Satan is happy to practice ruining it.

My thing for this week is to take a walk and pray about whatever it is that’s weighing on my heart every day.  Maybe yours is that you just want to start reading the Bible more, maybe it’s that you want to pray for other people more, maybe it’s that you want to wake up and start your day on the right foot with three simple words, “God, thank you.”

No matter what your next step is, I’ll be praying for you guys as I hope you would for me, God bless.


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