Mary, The Ark of the New Covenant

Dear God,

Thank you for your light of wisdom during Advent as we approach Christmas. The book of Wisdom is wonderful and full of hope to read at this time of the year, as we ponder Mary’s “yes” to God, and her part in Salvation History. All of us today are part of that continuing history.

“For she is a breath of the power of God …therefore nothing defiled gains entrance into her. For she is a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror of the working of God, and an image of his goodness” (Wisdom 7:25).

 And thus the Word became flesh, and the baby Jesus took a human breath.

Then Mother Mary and Joseph laid the babe in a manger of wood…

Scriptures say “When the earth was flooded because of him, wisdom again saved it, steering the righteous man by a paltry piece of wood.” (10:4)

And  “again, one preparing to sail and about to voyage over raging waves calls upon a piece of wood more fragile than the ship which carries him. For it was desire for gain that planned a vessel, and wisdom was the craftsman who built it; but it is you providence, O Father, that steers its course, because you have given it a path in the sea, and a safe way through the waves, showing that you can save from every danger.” (14:1-4)

 Then, the book of Wisdom foreshadows our salvation through Mary’s babe, Jesus, with Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant “the hope of the world took refuge on a raft, and guided by your hand left to the world the seed of a new generation.

For blessed is the wood by which righteousness comes” (14:6-7)

 Are you looking for a Christmas present for a child or adult that keeps on giving? The picture book, The Tale of Three Trees, a traditional folktale retold by Angela Elwell Hunt, must have been inspired by the book of Wisdom! It is beautiful.

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