Love Letter to Jesus

My Dear Loving Lord,
I love you above and before all else. You fill me to overflowing with Love and all I desire is union with you, for you are my eternal Love, my Joy and my Hope… You are my Jesus! I am so deeply and madly in love with you. To be away from you makes me anxious and I long for those moments when I can bask in your presence. You are my Jesus, my one true Love, my one true desire. To be away from you is to feel as if I’m suffocating; as if the life breath is sucked from me; as if my soul is shriveling up and dying. To be united to You is the greatest joy! I feel in those moments that my heart is exploding with love of You and for souls…

You are my inspiration and the fulfillment of all desire, I seek only to think with your mind, to speak with your lips, and to love with your Heart. When I work it’s only to glorify You and to work with your Holy Hands. Lord Jesus make my heart more like yours so that I can love without ceasing, unconditionally and without question or prejudice. I seek you and I find you, my Prisoner of Love, locked in a golden box, and when I free You and allow you into my soul You free me, fill me, and complete me. You are my Jesus.

May I always be filled and united by and to You, and may it overflow so that I become your living presence in the world. Help me to more perfectly and completely imitate You, the true love of my life. You are my Jesus and I am your servant, a slave of your Divine Love, a humble and unworthy worker. Help my will to be your Will. Loving Lord Jesus, You are mine and I am yours; may we be forever locked in an embrace of Divine Love.

All Yours,
Cory C.

** Written in Adoration as a monk of St Leo Abbey, April 2015, all content original to author

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