Let Us Enter Into These Most Sacred Mysteries!

I have been reading a beautiful book on the Liturgy recently: For the Life of the World, by Alexander Schmemann.  This Eastern Orthodox priest and theologian cuts to the heart of the sacred drama unfolding in each liturgy.

In the sacred liturgy we become participants in the Heavenly Kingdom; Sons in the Son; Partakers in Divinity.  Living in the Kingdom restores the original meaning of creation to daily life; to family life and relationships; to love itself.

The coming of the Kingdom – that is, union with Him through whom all things exist – is the goal of God’s creation.  By uniting ourselves to the Lord of life through the sacred liturgy of His Church, we can become agents of His love in the world.  It is the liturgy that time and time again unites earth to heaven, and heaven to earth, establishing the very Indwelling of the Holy Trinity in our hearts through the sacraments.  We must thirst for this union with Him, rest in this peace, and rejoice in this great love.

It is precisely in having tasted union with our Lord through the liturgy that we are moved by His love to love the world in all its ugliness and sin.  Only then do we realize that our time with Him in the liturgy, in prayer, in silent moments and loving glances throughout the day that all of this is not an escape from the world, but rather what allows us to go into the world with joy, offering it relationship with Him who created it and who calls it continually to Himself.

Lent is over and the Triduum has begun!  Holy Mother Church gives us the opportunity to enter into the most beautiful liturgy of the year: It begins with the Mass of our Lord’s Supper, continues with veneration of the Cross on Good Friday, and concludes with Easter Vigil Saturday evening.  If you have not been to any of these celebrations of faith, please consider going, you will not remain unchanged.  It is in His passion, death, and resurrection that we find the fullness of life, and in these most holy days an abundance of His grace is poured out to those courageous enough to desire it.  Google your parish or cathedral and check out Mass & service times, grab a friend or family member, and enter into the Kingdom.

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