Jesus Wept.

The shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35), holds more meaning than some of our longest speeches about our perspective of God. In this spirit, I will keep this post brief.

Jesus wept. He was vulnerable, and He missed His dear friend. However, we often fail to notice (as was pointed out to me recently) the context—Jesus raises Lazarus moments later. Jesus being God, He knew He was going to raise Lazarus moments later. So even though Jesus knew everything was going to be okay, He still wept. Why? Because His friends wept. For a moment, instead of immediately comforting them, or waving away their sadness, or even saving Lazarus immediately, He showed them how His heart was broken, too, and it was.

More often than not, when we are struggling, we don’t want advice or reassurance. We want someone to cry with. As we begin to celebrate the coming Christmas, let us especially thank God for sending His Son as a man, with a breakable human heart, Who weeps with us even today.

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