Freedom to Receive


Having been privileged to live in a country where I am free to worship God, I have not always appreciated that religious freedom. I can attend Mass and any other religious event without the fear of being persecuted. This is a beautiful gift we have in this country.

It is all too easy, however, to take  that gift for granted. I sometimes think back to the days when Christians had to attend Mass in secret, and I wonder… would I have been as brave as my brothers and sisters in the past? Would I have put my life in danger to receive our Lord?

An indifferent attitude towards freedom is too common among us Catholics. Mass becomes nothing but a weekly or daily routine. The reason for this most precious sacrament-to receive Christ Himself- is lost in the name of routine. Taking a look and realizing how free we actually are in this country ought to inspire us to be zealous in our faith life.

This Independence Day, let us strive to renew our fervor for the faith and praise God not only because we ought to, but because we can. Pray for those who yearn to receive Jesus in the Eucharist and yet cannot receive Him.


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