Where do donations go?

Dear Reader,

The purpose of the Papist is to inspire and integrate the Catholic faith into the daily lives of our readers. Through this mission we hope to bridge the divide between our Catholic faith and the rest of our lives and encourage a true Catholic culture for our generation. Our resources in this endeavor are our website and the servant hearts of our staff writers and contributors. We are young and have just begun our mission but we hope to expand, with your help. Our goal is not to make a profit, but we do wish to be self-sustaining and capable of growth.

Here is a donation breakdown:

$5 – Sustains the Papist web operation for a week.
$20 – Pays for a month of web service.
$120 – Pays for 6 months of web service.
$240 – Covers the cost of the website for a year.

The Papist is free for all and we will never change that. However, in order to ensure the long term success of our mission we need your financial support. We don’t ask that you give money you don’t have. We ARE NOT a registered non-profit and your donation will not be tax deductible. We just ask that you tithe what you can to this fledgling mission so that we can grow the faith of our generation of youth.

ad majorem Dei gloriam,

Nathan Edwards, Josh Altonji
Co-founders, The Papist

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