Do Not Fear The Night

Humanity lives engaged in a never-ending quest for something that isn’t quite known or understood but, nevertheless, searched for relentlessly. Day after day and night after night we self-made ‘conquerors’ of creation strive to conquer something that we can’t truly pinpoint or name. Yet we all know, deep in our hearts, what we are so desperately searching for: True Love.

But to admit that the search so far has been fruitless and that the human heart fails to self-attain the love it so yearns for, would mean to unmistakably affirm that True Love cannot and will not be found in the course of our human life to such a degree that it will fulfill the human person.

And so we overplay the attributes that are easily mistook for ‘love’ such as emotional attachments, sexual relations and carnal passion, to try to cover up the truth that makes itself unapologetically present and real, like a persistent star that shines through many great clouds of smoke specifically meant to darken the night sky.

True Love is intrinsically and undeniably transcendental in nature. True love, though it can be made present in this, our physical world, does not belong to it but rather challenges the human eye to look farther and beyond all tangibility into a superior reality to which True Love must belong to and in which it must rule.

True Love makes itself known for its selflessness, compassion, fidelity and benevolence. It does not seek any pleasure or a reward of any kind but rather exists solely for the benefit of the beloved. The majority of these acts strike us as inhuman and we classify them of heroic. We think of them as superior to our ‘human strength’ and marvel at the fact that human individuals brushed their so called “survival instincts” aside for the sake of a cause. We are afraid of the value of our lives if what we’ve called ‘love’ and ‘fulfillment’ turns out to be just a poor human representation of a transcendent reality that asks us to give up earthly commodities.

Why is it that we suffer? From a lack of true love. What are wars? Political injustice? Shootings? Genocides? We’ve created many different names for the various results of the same horrible human shortcoming.

If we all acted upon the principles of True Love there would be none of those things. But our misunderstanding of what love is and what true love is capable of has us staring hopelessly at a life that seems to be of no value because that which we instinctively live for has been belittled.

Do not fear the night. Don’t lose the opportunity of looking upwards towards an illuminated sky for fear of finding that the stars are much more beautiful than diamonds and yet so very, inexplicably far.

Do not fear the night. The light of the stars will always be gentler and lovelier to the eye than a self-made fire.

Do not fear the night. Go, light-footed and unafraid, safe in the knowledge that, though this earth will pass there is an Eternal Star in the heavens.

Man is only as great as his capacity to love and come to know Love.

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