About Mike Zimmerman

Mike is a convert to the Church who “Swam the Tiber" back in 2007. Growing up in a Methodist/Jewish household, Mike would later convert to Mormonism, study Eastern Philosophy and then find his home in the Catholic Church by researching to find what Christ left for us and what His disciples believed and did. This religious pursuit would cause him to change his major in college and subsequently receive his Bachelors in Religious Studies, his Masters in Theological Studies, a second Masters in Catholic Pastoral Education and is currently pursuing his PhD in Catholic History. Having lived all over the United States, Mike has found his home in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives with his beautiful wife and two young children. Read his personal blog at Rants and Random Thoughts of Mike.

Posts by Mike Zimmerman:

road rage

Road Rage Anyone?

How do you deal with traffic? Well, for me I was taught how to drive by a New York driver and a New Jersey driver. Not exactly the shining examples of calm defensive driving. Nevertheless, I was taught how to drive well. But, when traffic begins to form and drivers start making erratic moves to […]


The Silver Lining to Controversy

In all the debate going on over the HHS mandate in the news circles today, there can be a general feeling of dismay. As the government presses harder and harder to conform everyone into a new religion called “tolerance,” it might seem as if the people of Christ may be losing. But I have two […]


Who Was That Now?

I love the Mass. I am more of a Latin Mass attendee, specifically. What do I love about it? I love the ritual, the sights, the sounds, and the smells. I love all the grandeur that the Church incorporates into a High Mass because it makes me realize how awe-inspiring God truly is. If one […]

How Dan Brown Made Me a Catholic

In joining The Papist as a contributor, I decided to think back upon my own faith and what had led me to the Church in the beginning. As someone who was brought up in a multi-faith household and then subsequently explored many other faiths, the manner in which I became a part of the Catholic Church […]