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Broken Chains

On Pornography: God’s Mercy Endures Forever

[Editor’s note:  The author of this post may be contacted at anonymous@thepapist.org.] Sexual sin hurts. In the act, it doesn’t seem like it will leave deep scars. It does. I got addicted to pornography. I never envisioned that would happen to me. I thought that happened to creepy old men and immature boys. I don’t […]

Welcome to The Papist, Version 2.0

WELCOME TO THE PAPIST, again! What an exciting time it is to be Catholic!  We are traditional, yet utterly counter-cultural.  Old-school, yet stickin’ it to the man. Most importantly of course, we love Jesus Christ and his Church like nobody’s business!  So welcome to The Papist: your one-stop shop for legit Catholic blogging. Our goal […]

Introducing The Papist!

WELCOME TO THE PAPIST! It is an indelible truth that our generation plays a crucial role in the future of the Church. It is equally true that our generation is slowly slipping into secular complacency and leaving the Church in favor of new age spirituality, non-Catholic churches whose focus lie more on convenience than Christ, […]