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PJ is a proud Catholic, born and bred in Huntsville, AL, where he gained a great love for baseball, good Southern food, and his Catholic faith. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in mathematics and economics and a minor in computer science, and he is now a mathematics PhD candidate at the University of Notre Dame. PJ's great passions in life include math, philosophy, theology, good conversations, and using all of the above for the greater glory of God.

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A Man of Both Conscience and Prudence

The Church, in Her wisdom, gives us many great Saints to venerate and imitate, spread throughout all times, places, vocations, and professions so that the omnipresence and catholicity of God’s salvation might be shown to the world. One great example of this marvelous diversity of the Saints is the man whose feast day we celebrate […]


Gazing into the Abyss of God-forsakenness

“God is dead.” Friedrich Nietzsche On this Holy Saturday, the strangest of days, Nietzsche’s famous declaration in fact rings true. On this one day of the year, the God of the Universe is dead. True, God is eternal and could never die in His divinity. But yesterday, Jesus Christ, God Himself made flesh, was brutally […]


The Importance of Theology and Philosophy in the University

The University of Notre Dame is no stranger to controversy, and it is once again making a few headlines due to its decennial core curriculum review process, which began recently. While no concrete recommendations or proposals have yet been made, one change clearly being considered is a reduction of the theology and philosophy requirements in […]


St. Therese of Lisieux: The Vocation of Love

Earlier this summer I finished reading St. Therese of Lisieux‘s The Story of a Soul,  and I have to say, it’s definitely one of my top ten favorite books of all time.  In this book, which is St. Therese’s autobiography, she tells us about the “Little Way,” the path to sanctity and sainthood that she […]

leah libresco

Atheism, Catholicism, and Arguing with Charity

The Catholic blogosphere has been blowing up  recently in response to well-known athiest blogger, Leah Libresco’s decision to convert to Catholicism, which she announced on her blog a few weeks ago.  Although an intellectual atheist converting to Catholicism is very natural and shouldn’t surprise us much at all, one thing that did catch me off guard (more […]

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