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My name is Michael Alexander Kelly Kashmanian. I am twenty-one years old, the oldest of ten children. I was homeschooled but have also attended traditional schools, and I am currently attending a local college. I can become very passionate about things I believe in, of which there are many, and I enjoy a good debate. I am an amateur musician, playing guitar and harmonica primarily in the style of blues. Besides this, I also enjoy shooting, keeping tabs on politics, woodcarving, drawing and sketching, building things, and working with machines. Besides writing about my beliefs and convictions, I also try my hand at lyrical poetry and fictional writing. I put a lot of energy into trying to correct misconceptions among well meaning Catholics and Christians in my age group, especially on issues of Life, economics, and social policy.

Posts by Michael Kashmanian:


The Self

One of the most wonderful gifts God granted to us as humans is the self, also known as the ego (not that thing that you inflate by one upping people; I mean ego as in the self identity). The first trait that sets us apart from the lower animals is the ability to say or […]


A Question About the Passion

A question which seems to arise alongside the subject of the Passion and crucifixion of Jesus follows something along the lines of, “If God is almighty and all-powerful, why did He have to suffer and die and then rise again to forgive us, when He could have forgiven us without any of that?” I personally […]

love and hate

Love and Hate

I have noticed that there are two words that tend to be thrown about carelessly and without full understanding of their meaning. These words are “love” and “hate.” Of course these are not the only words that are misused in this fashion, but they are unique in the consequence of their misuse. Many people, myself included, […]

The Book of Life

When reading a book, one first takes in the setting: the when, the where, the hows of the environment. One will harshly judge an author almost immediately if this first step is not executed believably or well. Next the reader encounters the characters, each one, major or minor, being unique and different, suited for his […]

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