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The Dogs Under the Table (Mark 7:28)

Poems about Catholic Dogs: Hounds of Heaven Lady Bear and Lizzie Bear currently live in Peoria, Illinois, at the St. Joseph’s Newman center. Lady Bear and Lizzie Bear The Monsignor’s retrievers St. Joseph’s own dogs For this group of believers Their paws always praying Their mouths never fast As close to Christ Jesus As Jerusalem’s […]


Marian Gardening: Penitent’s Rose

Reflections of a Lawn Chair Gardener “The flowers have appeared in our land, the time of pruning is come” (Canticles 2:12). Lent means springtime. It is the purgation of winter, “for winter is now past,” yet it is not until Easter when “the rain [will be] over and gone” (Canticles 2:11). For we are being cleansed, […]