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Hello my name is Kaitlynn! I'm currently a senior at Duchesne High School in St Louis, Missouri. I'm planning to go to University of Missouri-Columbia to become a physical therapist. I like to read, draw, play sports, and go to youth group in my free time! My favorite saints are St. Francis of Assisi and St. Cecilia.

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An Open Letter to God

Dear God, I’m sorry I fell so far away from you.  I never thought I would.  I thought my love for you was too strong.  I was wrong.  I grew impatient, I hung out around the wrong people, and I was brainwashed by the media into thinking that material things would make me happier than […]


Why Does God Allow Suffering?

The season of Lent is here! Lent is by far my favorite part of the year, and that is because we are reminded of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection.  We know that through His suffering and death the prophecies are fulfilled, we are forgiven our sins, and we are granted eternal life.  But why do innocent people […]