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Hello friends! I'm Jessica, a 23-year-old former California girl, now an East Coast woman living in Northern Virginia. I graduated from college in 2014 and am now working full-time as the Finance and Operations Assistant for The Cardinal Newman Society. In my free time, I volunteer with the Catholic youth, teach CCD, participate in the choir at Mass, and attend a ton of young adult events and ministries in my diocese. I love music (singing, piano, and flute), cooking, literature, Netflix, and art. I look forward to being able to marry and raise a devout Catholic family in the future. Finally, as someone who was adopted, I am actively involved in the Pro-Life movement and doing whatever I can to fight for the right to life. God bless! :)

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The Spirituality of…Surfing? Finding God in the Waves

“You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail.  And there I find You in the mystery.  In oceans deep, my faith will stand.” There are many times and places in our lives where one is able to encounter Christ.  The most obvious are places where Christ and spirituality are […]

perfection meme

Stop Trying to Make Perfection Happen. It’s Not Going to Happen.

Seriously, guys.  I know how tough this is.  I am pretty sure this is something that most of us struggle with.  But think of it this way: Only God is perfect (and Mary, of course).  No human being is capable of achieving perfection, and to live life under the notion that you have to be […]


Becoming Like Children

“When you love someone, you want to touch them.” That was the answer of a second grader at a First Holy Communion Mass when asked why we receive the Eucharist.  At first, this answer sounds a bit odd…a bit simple.  But think about this for a moment.  We love God so, so much, yes? We […]


Hallowed Be Thy Name

“Hallowed be Thy name”.  We hear and say this phrase on a regular basis when we pray the Lord’s Prayer.  But how often do we truly think about what this means? I know for me, at least, I often recite that prayer without giving much thought into that particular line of the prayer.  It wasn’t […]