About Jeremy Winter

Jeremy is a seminarian studying at Saint Meinrad Seminary in southern Indiana. A native of Huntsville, Alabama, he was studying Wireless Engineering at Auburn University before entering seminary. Jeremy is a triathlete and also enjoys reading and playing the saxophone. Read about his experiences at seminary and his adventures swimming, biking and running on his blog: triathletewithacollar.

Posts by Jeremy Winter:

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Keep Your Eyes on Christ

Here’s a challenge: look at a wall across the room and try to move your eyes slowly from one point on the wall to another looking at every point in between.  You can’t do it, can you?  You’ll find that your eyes jump quickly from one point to the next skipping over what’s in the […]


What if There is No God?

Occasionally I’ll wake up in the morning thinking, “I’m not sure if I believe any of this! What if Christianity has it wrong?  What if Jesus was just a regular man?  What if the Bible is just a book of stories?  What if my prayers are nothing more than me talking to myself?”  Everyone has […]


How Much Should I Drink?

I want to begin by saying that I do not condone underage drinking. And for those of you who can legally drink, I can’t just give you a magic formula that determines exactly how many drinks you can have in a certain time period before it becomes sinful. The consumption of alcohol is a very […]


You’re a Wimp!

You’re a wimp. Yeah, I’m talking to you—sitting there reading this article. But I’m not only talking about you. I’m also talking about your friends and family. Yeah, they’re all wimps too. Most of all, however, I’m talking about myself. I am a wimp. So often I tell myself that I’m going to stand up […]