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A few years ago I converted to the Catholic Church on the feast day of Our Lady of Angels. Most of my time is spent simply managing my home with my husband and five children. In my free time, although I'm rather unqualified and undeserving, I am answering my call to apologetics on my personal blog, where I hope to travel long distances on the hearts of others, expressing the joy I have found in Christ and the Church. Please pray for me, a sinner.

Posts by Janelle Carrera:


Modern Feminism – the Hate of Women

I am not a feminist. Those who hear me say this are usually either disappointed and/or offended. “You just don’t know what feminism is!” they holler, while choking me with the definition of feminism found in every dictionary. Do I believe in the value and equality of every man and woman? Yes I do. That […]


The Spirit of Advent in our Adventure

Only recently I realized that the word “adventure” had the word “advent” in it. St. John Paul II said “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure”. Our path to Christ truly is an adventure, as our lives on earth are a preparation for heaven, dwelling forever with Christ. This season is a preparation for the Coming […]


The Pursuit of Truth

My parents have always told me, “To assume makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.” While neither of my parents were Christians, they did have a valid point. We know due to our conscience, and natural social consequences, that to make assumptions about another person is a lack of charity on our part. What […]


My Conversion to the Catholic Church

I have considered myself a Christian since I could think. My parents are of no particular faith. I guess you could say they are agnostic. As a child I was a creepy little person who had an obsession with the Bible, God, and church. I attended anything my parents let me. Everything was always Protestant. […]


The Mystery of Human Suffering

Although we are aware of unavoidable suffering, often we live in fear of it, seeking to elevate this suffering by any means. For myself, I admit that the times I urgently wished to end my suffering, are the times I fell into sin. Our nature appears to be a river that does its best to flow uphill, […]

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