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Grace is a junior English major at the University of South Carolina. She's a reader, a poet, and she'll try any activity that is physical and/or outdoors. Most of all, she loves getting to know Jesus and falling deeper in love with Him as time goes on.

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SEEK 2015: Facing the Future

Mary Cortese, a Marine Biology major at the University of South Carolina, struggles with the same questions that most college freshmen do.  She wonders what her future holds, and ultimately, whether she likes what’s there. Along with 10,000 other students from across the country, Mary faced these questions head on and attended SEEK 2015. This five-day, national Catholic youth […]

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What the Heaven is Marian Consecration?

So a few months back, I had a re-introduction to Mama Mary, just as things were taking a turn for the desperate. Since then, God has not-so-subtly brought me closer to his first disciple. Given to us through our Catholic student center a year before, Michael E. Gaitley’s “33 Days to Morning Glory,” a booklet-led retreat to Marian […]


The Francis Moment

This article from Our Sunday Visitor helped me form some thoughts on this, including the term, “The Francis Moment,” and is a good resource on its own. “I love our pope! He is so chill!” I looked at my agnostic friend with a chuckle, but restrained my eyebrows from hitting the ceiling. I used to […]


Small Evangelizism with Great Love

I have been immeasurably blessed at the University of South Carolina to have found a family in the Newman Club at St. Thomas More. These people support me, challenge me, celebrate with me, cry with me, and run towards God with me. I love them all. In the chapel, I can feel Jesus. Tiny as […]


Become Like Little Children

“All you can do now is pray.” It’s a common sentiment in the face of seemingly hopeless circumstances, in which we have no control, where we’ve done all we can, and there’s nothing left but to wait. It’s always with the best of intentions that someone insists, “All you can do now is pray,” yet, […]