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Grace is a junior English major at the University of South Carolina. She's a reader, a poet, and she'll try any activity that is physical and/or outdoors. Most of all, she loves getting to know Jesus and falling deeper in love with Him as time goes on.

Posts by Grace Schneider:


The Love in (Vance) Joy

Vance Joy, a talented musician who’s been growing in popularity since his 2014 hit, Riptide, is no contemporary Christian artist, but that doesn’t mean he can’t come up with one of the best songs about self-sacrificial love that I’ve heard so far in my life. In fact, it sweetens the whole deal that this was likely […]

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Not Thy Home

These days, you don’t even have to turn on the news to see that the world is broken. Going about our day, we encounter rude people, hear horror stories from our friends, see our families being hurt, witness unkindness among strangers…why should there be any occasion for joy or hope in a world where atrocities […]


Seek the Signs

It’s easy to look up and ask God for a sign and hope a plane goes by, flying a banner with the exact answer to your question–since all things are possible with God, if He wanted to do that, He could! Now what if I told you that planes and banners are flying all over […]


Light In, Shine Out

The other day, I was following a friend in my car to their house. As everyone (should) know, when you are driving and someone is following you, you shouldn’t run a yellow light, since the person behind you probably won’t make it. Well, that’s exactly what happened. She ran a yellow and I ran a red […]


Be the Sign

God is not limited by time, space, or any tangible constraints, right? Yet, God loves matter, tangible things—His creations. Why wouldn’t He? From the ever-expanding edge of the universe down to the itty-bitty quarks that make up everything from ice cream to elephants, God saw that it was good (Genesis 1:31). God uses His creations to display His […]