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On Satan

I have come across many interesting assertions and misconceptions about Satan and Hell over the years. I thought I’d take a few minutes to address the most common ones. Before we begin: I’m talking about the Christian concept of Satan, aka the Devil, as he’s understood by the majority of Christians worldwide. Claim #1: Christianity doesn’t […]

love and hate

Why Shouldn’t Catholics Read 50 Shades of Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey. For some readers, the words are gag-inducing. For others, eyeroll-inducing. It was the novel that “made adults like reading again” according to more than one excited book reviewer. Whatever you think of it, it’s a major cultural milestone for sexuality’s complete saturation of everyday life. E.L. James’ smash hit novel, now major […]


Apologetics Corner – Call No Man ‘Father’

One day in fifth grade I happily told my father about a school project on which my friends and I were working. It was an oral report about the Founding Fathers, and we felt lucky to have an actual British boy in our group to play King George III (you know, for authenticity). By telling […]


Apologetics Corner – Sola Scriptura

How many times have I sat down with my Protestant friends or family members to discuss Catholic doctrine and been waved off with the same brusque question: “But where is that in the Bible?” I can’t begin to count. The idea that a doctrine or belief has to be described in the Bible is so […]