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Hello, and welcome to my profile! My name is Emerald. I grew up in a staunchly evangelical Protestant household that held Catholicism in open disdain. I underwent a radical conversion in college and ever since I've had a desire to share the majesty of the Catholic Church with anyone who will listen. I'm a 25 year-old Navy wife and mother of a beautiful baby boy. In my spare time I like to go on walks, read, write fiction, cook, and play with my son. I'm also an author of a growing series of novena booklets which are currently available exclusively on Amazon.

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The Lie of the “No-Fail Novena”

I love novenas. From the moment an old friend introduced me to the nine-day prayer devotion, I felt an attraction to them and quickly graduated from praying them to writing them and sharing what I’d written. I’ve seen many prayers answered through the continued petitions to God and His saints. Other people do, too, which […]


Consistency is Important

The other day while driving down the road I glanced in my rear view mirror and caught a glance of my adorable nine month-old son. As I so often do when I look at him, I started thinking about what he’ll be like when he’s older, how I’ll parent him, and most importantly, his faith […]


I Was Hungry – My Conversion Story, Part II

Last month I recounted my unlikely conversion to Catholicism from evangelicalism after a spiritual tailspin during college. For brevity’s sake I didn’t describe the period of time between my first visit to the Catholic Campus Ministry and my confirmation nearly a year later, but now I’d like to share with my readers the doctrines and […]


No, You Can’t Be a Christian Witch

I receive several messages every day in my Tumblr inbox. The great majority address the same dozen or so topics: my conversion, something a friend said about Catholics, clarification of a doctrine, prayer requests, relationship advice, and so on. However, other topics come in waves and I’ll be inundated with five or six messages about […]


I Was Hungry – My Conversion Story

One warm summer’s day about fifteen years ago I was sitting at my friend Elizabeth’s kitchen table when I saw a small statue on a whatnot in the corner. I inquired as to who the statue portrayed and Elizabeth replied matter-of-factly, “Oh, that’s St. Joseph. We put him out because of the construction men working […]

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