About Cristina Carvajal

Cristina is a student at Ave Maria University, where she majors in Literature. Her favorite devotions are the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, God the Father and Saint Francis of Assisi (with him everything Franciscan goes, including Padre Pio and Saint Anthony of Padua.) She's a musician that loves writing metaphor-dense lyrics, reading good books, watching the night sky and overly sweet fruit smoothies.

Posts by Cristina Carvajal:


Smile! Life is Beautiful!

Joy is a net of love by which we catch souls. – Mother Theresa. Often (as I am sure has happened to all of us) people ask me why I look so happy. The answer, this one time, was simple: I had just stepped out of confession and was practically beaming at the thought of […]


Am I Not Here, I Who Am Your Mother?

“Mother” is one of the sweetest words in our vocabulary. How much must a mother be worth if even God found his delight and happiness in one? He found refuge in her arms; her lullabies replaced those of the angels, and her purity was as great as that of heaven.  To contain the uncontainable – […]

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