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27 y/o Catholic revert, Benedictine monk twice over and now in the process of applying to the Diocese of Oakland Program of Priestly Formation. I owe my reversion to the Blessed Mother leading me to the Eucharist and the rest is as they say, history! God bless you all, please pray for me and know I pray for you as well

Posts by Cory Cook:

Jesu Prince of Peace

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is quite interesting. There are two forms of it, a “long” and a “short form”. Most parishes use the “short form”, and for good reason as it holds the real teaching, the real fruit of the Gospel for this Sunday; but the “long form” holds an interesting lesson if put in […]

Verbum Aeternum

Love Letter to Jesus

My Dear Loving Lord, I love you above and before all else. You fill me to overflowing with Love and all I desire is union with you, for you are my eternal Love, my Joy and my Hope… You are my Jesus! I am so deeply and madly in love with you. To be away […]

Cor ad Cor

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

As I was reflecting on the readings for this Sunday I was struck by a couple of reccurring themes: consolation and rejoicing. In the first reading from Jeremiah we hear of the rejoicing of the people of Israel in the consolation of returning to their homeland. God said, “I will console them and guide them”, […]

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