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Howdy, thanks for checking out my profile. My name is Christopher, and I've been Catholic only about two years now, ever since a conversion that rocketed me away from an atheist/agnostic background. I spent the first six months of my conversion reading through any apologetics works I could get my hands on; ever since then I've been intensely convicted of the fact that ours is the Church established by Christ, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to talk about why that is.

Posts by Christopher Wyatt:


Moment to Moment

I’m not a guy who plans much out; I’ve been told I live my life by the seat of my pants, and honestly it’s very true.  I plan big things, sure: I know that I want to have a family someday and that ideally I’d like to act for a living, but what I’m doing […]


The Call

The Bishop for our diocese will be retiring soon, having submitted his resignation to the Holy Father. Recently, many of the local churches I attend have been offering a “spiritual bouquet” for him. Having sufficiently procrastinated on saying the rosary I’d promised, I decided to do it yesterday in between taking a test and class […]


Why Our Blessed Mother Matters

Why does the Blessed Virgin matter to us as Christians? Why all the emphasis on her, why any emphasis at all, does it not detract from Jesus? The short answer is no, but I’m willing to bet you opened this article hoping for a little more than that. So why do we Catholics have this […]

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