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Alejandro is a PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. Having been born and raised in Mexico and, hence, having come from a Catholic culture, he is constantly thinking about what it means to think and see the world as a Catholic. How should a Catholic approach economics, politics, science, art, etc.? His main influences are G.K. Chesterton and St. Thomas Aquinas.

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Immaculate Mary

The Soumaya Museum in Mexico City is no Louvre, but it houses many wonderful works of art, including a respectable collection of pieces from the Spanish School. Among those gems, my absolute favorite is Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s “Inmaculada Concepción.” This is one of the many representations of the Immaculate Conception that Murillo painted (you can […]


In Honor of Professor (and Pope) Ratzinger

Eight years ago, soon after Pope John Paul II died, I had a conversation with a friend about who his successor could be. This friend of mine — who is not a practicing Catholic — had some very strong opinions about the direction the Catholic Church should take and it soon became clear that, if […]


The Catholic Thomas Aquinas

A brief blog post cannot be long enough to talk about the life of any person. It is certainly not long enough to talk about the life and spirituality of a saint. In the case of St. Thomas Aquinas, the saint I wish to write about, it’s not even enough to list all the books […]


St. Joseph and the Family

We recently celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family, an ideal time to reflect on some of the issues that the Christian idea of family is facing in our ever more secularized (and, I would add, dying) culture. I am aware that this post is being published well after the feast, but then again, any […]

Natividad Murillo

On Myths, Philosophy and Christmas

About this time a year or two ago, a group of militant atheists paid to setup a billboard with a Nativity scene and the phrase: “You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason.” There is something I find amusing about these kinds of billboards, which, by the way, are becoming ever more frequent. As […]

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