About Alejandro Teran-Somohano

Alejandro is a PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. Having been born and raised in Mexico and, hence, having come from a Catholic culture, he is constantly thinking about what it means to think and see the world as a Catholic. How should a Catholic approach economics, politics, science, art, etc.? His main influences are G.K. Chesterton and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Posts by Alejandro Teran-Somohano:


Two Popes, One Message

I want to begin this post by stating that I love Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Not that I don’t love other Popes—In fact, I love every Pope—but there is something about Benedict that draws me towards him even more than Pope John Paul II or Pope Francis. I find it, therefore, extremely irritating that the […]


How to Misinterpret Pope Francis

A few weeks ago, Pope Francis gave a three part interview to Antonio Spadaro, S.J., editor in chief of La Civiltà Cattolica, an Italian Jesuit journal. The interview was published earlier this week in all the Jesuit journals around the world. Everything was fine and dandy until the mainstream media decided to report on it […]


God’s Architect

For a while now, I’ve wanted to write about the vocation of the laity because—despite the best efforts of the Second Vatican Council, as well as a great many Popes and saints—it remains widely misunderstood. Many Catholics have the mistaken notion that the laity can get away with not being as holy as priests or […]