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Alejandro is a PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Auburn University. Having been born and raised in Mexico and, hence, having come from a Catholic culture, he is constantly thinking about what it means to think and see the world as a Catholic. How should a Catholic approach economics, politics, science, art, etc.? His main influences are G.K. Chesterton and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Posts by Alejandro Teran-Somohano:

Catholics and Scripture

We are told that it is very important to know ourselves; that we must know who we are.  Though this is true, we can only come to know who we are by knowing who our creator is.  We need to know God before we can know ourselves.  But, how can we come to know God?  […]

A Meditation on the ‘Logos’

To say that Christianity is irrational is to know nothing about it.  In any case, it would be more adequate to say that certain truths about the Christian faith are suprarational or that they transcend reason.  But even that is only a partial truth.  They are suprarational from the standpoint of human reason.  That is, […]

A ‘No!’ to watered down Catholicism

Pope Benedict’s trip to Germany is over and it produced so many wonderful speeches that I do not know if I will ever be able to comment on them all.  Today, I want to focus on his speech to the leaders of the Lutheran churches.  There are many things to say about this speech, starting […]

Rediscovering my roots: World Youth Day 2011

When I volunteered to write a retrospective piece on my trip to World Youth Day, I thought it would be a relatively easy task.  I would simply write about my experience, most likely in the form of a chronicle, and that would be it.  As the days went by, and especially by the end of […]

The (Imaginary) Conflict Between the Church and the Scientists

If you ever find yourself in the mood for stirring up some controversy when hanging out with some of your non-believing friends, I would suggest that you bring up the topic of the Catholic Church and science. You can begin by saying something along the lines of, “I love how the Catholic faith has always […]

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