A prayer For Perfect Trust

If you are on the East coast, I’m certain you are experiencing the lovely warm unseasonably temps of November. Typically at this time of year we would be either contending with snow, rain or colder temperatures. However, this year God has been quite kind to us with a few days of 70 degree weather. While reflecting on what to write about, I came across this prayer which I will place at the end of the entry.

After reflecting over the below prayer, it beautifully puts the struggles of this imperfect world into perspective. We all long for unconditional love, love that surpasses understanding, and yearn to understand the many why’s of our fragile gift of life. Reading this prayer was a needed reminder for me that time here on earth is fleeting. I am reminded my heart beats for a reason and until God calls me home I must keep on keeping on.

Rather than getting bogged down with simple frustrations, I pray we always give our stressors to God and do our best to learn to detach ourselves from the wants of this world. Prestige, money, accolades—even our love for our family and friends will be challenged at any time. We need to keep our eye on the prize of heaven, with our focus solely on eternity with the one who loves us more then we can humanly love. Without God I am nothing. With God all things are possible. With God whatever your struggles may be, God can help you overcome them.

While I am not always the most patient, God is teaching me such beautiful lessons through this cross of singleness. My love must first belong to the one who created me and knows my hearts desires. I pray you also love him with the same unbridled love of a child, because we are His children. One day this journey on earth will end and we will, God willing, spend forever with Him.

On this beautiful unseasonably warm day, no matter what storms we may be facing or simply basking in the tranquility of life, or despite what the world says is the popular trend, God needs to always be our source of happiness and peace.


A Prayer for Perfect Trust

Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust,

My loving God, in thee;

Unwavering faith that never doubts Thou chooses best for me!

Best, though my plans be all upset;

Best, though the way be rough;

Best, though my earthly store be scant;

In Thee I have enough.

Best, though my health and strength be gone,

Though weary days be mine, Shut out from much that others have;

Not my will, Lord, but Thine!

And even though disappointments come,

They, too, are best for me,

To wean me from this changing world,

And lead me nearer Thee.

Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust That looks away from all;

That sees thy hand in everything,

In great events or small.

That hears Thy voice – A Father’s voice

Directing for the best.

Oh, for the peace of a perfect trust,

A heart with Thee at rest.

Author Unknown

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