I joined the Knights of Columbus a little while ago and have since gotten the Columbia magazine monthly. There has been great articles and interesting reads, but as I went to grab this months issue off the dining room table to clear for dinner and noticed the back cover. “Hey, I know that guy!” I said to my wife surprised.

To my pleasant surprise, one of the co-founders of The Papist, Josh Altonji graced the back cover with a smile. Josh led this site since its founding and was the brains along with Nathan Edwards that started this jewel out of nowhere. Josh is now a seminarian for the Diocese of Birmingham.

It surprises me, yet never does, the paths that our lives lead. The connections we make along the way come and go in our lives and always have a lasting impact. God has that way of gently influencing our lives. Sometimes it is a name, a saying, a feeling, or a memory that brings things back in to focus. Social Media can be great in that way of reconnecting us with faces that were once a part of our daily lives, but time has taken us away from. But there is nothing like a genuine moment of personal recollection that can influence one’s life.

Seeing Josh’s smile on the back of a magazine made me think about The Papist and how it has been able to connect so many people. Though with busy young lives this site may not always be bustling with activity, the words and thoughts are lasting and will always ring true. I hope it will be around for a long while still. God Bless our friends, near and far. Pray for our seminarians too!

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